Delicious Dishes Using Apples: A Tasty Guide

Apples are an incredibly versatile ingredient, offering a delightful blend of sweetness and tartness that can be incorporated into a wide variety of dishes. Here are some exciting ways to use apples in your cooking.

1. Baked Goods

Apple Pie: This classic dish is a staple of many cultures. Sweet apples are combined with sugar and spices, nestled inside a flaky pastry crust and baked until golden.

Apple Muffins: Muffins made with diced apples and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg make for a hearty breakfast or snack.

Apple Strudel: A German specialty, strudel is a layered pastry filled with thinly sliced apples, raisins, and spices.

2. Savory Dishes

Apple Sausage Stuffing: Apples lend a sweet crunch to this savory, herb-infused side dish, a favorite during Thanksgiving.

Pork Chops with Apples: Apples’ tart flavor pairs beautifully with pork. The apples are often caramelized and served as a topping for the meat.


3. Salads

Apple Walnut Salad: This refreshing dish features fresh apple slices, crunchy walnuts, and creamy blue cheese, all tossed with mixed greens and a tangy vinaigrette.

4. Drinks

Apple Cider: This warm, spiced beverage is a must during fall and winter months.

Apple Smoothies: Blend apples with yogurt and your favorite fruits for a nutritious breakfast or snack.

5. Sauces and Preserves

Applesauce: This is a simple, sweet sauce made by cooking apples down with sugar and water. It can be served on its own or used in baking as a fat substitute.

Apple Butter: This is a concentrated, spiced form of applesauce that’s slow-cooked until it caramelizes and becomes spreadable.


Whether sweet or savory, there’s no shortage of ways to incorporate apples into your cooking. They can be used in baked goods, entrees, salads, drinks, and even sauces and preserves. Next time you have a surplus of apples, consider experimenting with these dishes. You’ll be amazed at the delicious possibilities this fruit offers!