Cider from the orchards of suburbia.

red apple fruit photograph

Our story of London Glider Cider

Welcome to London Glider, rhyming slang for cider. We take apples from the gardens of suburbia and turn it into award-winning cider and perry.

Many London gardens have apple trees but most of the fruit is wasted. It falls to the ground, rots, ruins lawns and attracts wasps. In 2010 we decided to do something about this waste of a fantastic natural resource. We leafleted our neighbours offering to collect unwanted apples (or pears) to make cider. The response was overwhelming.

The First Batch

We collected 750 kilos of apples and pears and pressed this fruit to produce the first batch of London Glider – a clear, strong, still cider with a well-balanced fruity flavour and clean apple finish.

A Glass Bottle with Brown Liquid Beside a Glass of Cold Drink

Making award-winning cider from unwanted fruit

Nothing is wasted. Even the dry pulp left after each pressing is given to local farms to feed the sheep.

As more people hear about us, our ‘orchard’ grows. We now sell cider all over London and at farmers’ markets and festivals.

We hope you enjoy London Glider.

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